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If It's Stainless

Food Truck Construction

You can depend on a quick solution to any custom obstacle that may arise.  Our stainless division can custom fabricate any special projects, including hoods, prep stations, decorative facia and any unusual requirements that could slow most projects.  We have the ability to customize your existing space and/or equipment, and if that's not good enough, we'll build it from scratch.  Yes, the mobile restaurant has finally hit the east coast, and Yes- we build em'.  You bring us a truck, and leave with a full service mobile food solution for a fast-paced mobile society!



Congratulations SCRLA Upstate Hospitality Award Winners! We are all aware of how driven and dedicated the upstate hospitality industry is to providing the community with big-city standards while maintaining our beloved small-town appeal. There is a delicate balance between full-on modernity and local historical relivance that our restauranteurs and business owners, small and large, seem to un...

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