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Tru-Tech Chemical division started as a service agent for our dish machine leases, and has grown into a full service chemical supplier.  We carry a full line of dish machine and ware washing detergents, rinses, and sanitizers for high-temp, low-temp, and manual applications.  We didn't stop there!  Along with our dish-care service, we offer an extensive line of janitorial products, detergents and cleaners for floor care, front/back of the house, and even laundry.  Tru-Tech Chemical, a direct result of our dish machine leasing program, allows us to offer our customers the most comprehensive service available.

Congratulations SCRLA Upstate Hospitality Award Winners! We are all aware of how driven and dedicated the upstate hospitality industry is to providing the community with big-city standards while maintaining our beloved small-town appeal. There is a delicate balance between full-on modernity and local historical relivance that our restauranteurs and business owners, small and large, seem to un...

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