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The restaurant business has always been about much more than just food and beverage services.  First impression and atmosphere are as important to a customer as the unique cuisine you offer them.   You want to ensure a second impression and eventually gain rapport within the community in which you serve.  At Ballentine Equipment Co., Inc., we believe strongly in the realization of the restauranters vision, requiring  a certain amount of design and layout.

That being said, city regulations and foodservice regulations require that design and layout adhere to preset aesthetic,health and safety standards.  Ballentine Equipment Co., Inc. works within these currant standards to bring your vision to fruition.

Congratulations SCRLA Upstate Hospitality Award Winners! We are all aware of how driven and dedicated the upstate hospitality industry is to providing the community with big-city standards while maintaining our beloved small-town appeal. There is a delicate balance between full-on modernity and local historical relivance that our restauranteurs and business owners, small and large, seem to un...

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