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Lease Purchase

Ballentine Equipment Co., Inc. has always prescribed to the idea that there is always an alternative, a choice.  We all prefer to have them, giving us the basis behind offering dish machine and ice machine leases.  Both dish machines and ice machines require a higher frequency of maintenance and care than most restaurant equipment.  For those who prefer to not own these machines, we offer custom leasing programs to suite your specific business.  Along with peace of mind, our leasing program features several perks, such as discounted service and chemistry.  Please contact your sales associate for details, as each lease is a custom care product.

Congratulations SCRLA Upstate Hospitality Award Winners! We are all aware of how driven and dedicated the upstate hospitality industry is to providing the community with big-city standards while maintaining our beloved small-town appeal. There is a delicate balance between full-on modernity and local historical relivance that our restauranteurs and business owners, small and large, seem to un...

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